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Art comes from ability...

The idea that led to the TRIALOG project was conceived in the autumn of 2011 during our stay in London. Whilst there we discovered the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) in the beautiful neighborhood of Hampstead Heath. The widespread advertising made us very curious.

As soon as I entered the exhibition rooms I was delighted by the diversity of artworks. I was further impressed by the perfect organizing, excellent advertising, outstanding interior and many interested visitors. I wished to be one of the exhibitors. Victor agreed with me.

This wish remained, even once we were back home again. One of the requirements for participating at the AAF is that there must be three exhibiting artists. But this requirement was difficult for us to meet. In short, the search lasted two years. Two years of searching, planning, refusal, renewed searching. Now at last we have found each other: Asia Katz (Israel), Pavel Miller (Russian Federation), Victor Shtivelberg (Germany) and myself, Ninelle Shtivelberg, who now has the pleasure to represent these three remarkable artists.

Since we do not do things by halves, from the initial thought came the idea of creating an art group. And from this idea the name of the group emerged almost by itself:TRIALOG. Even if all three artists have been established on the art market for years, each with his own distinctive style, history, and own universe, we are now excited to see how our mutual journey evolves.

Our group TRIALOG has its debut at the AAF in Milan this Spring.

I wish us all good luck and am looking forward to future projects!

Ninelle Shtivelberg